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Learning for Life

Town End Junior School

School Sports Funding



 School Sports Crew

Head of crew: Millie and Oliver
Competition leaders: Molly, Olivia, Ann, Jaiden
Equipment Organisers:  Ellie, Ella, Harry, Adam
Media: Libby, Daisy, Grace, Tommy, Rose, Megan
Club Manager - Thomas, Sophie, Charlotte, Jake



 Sports Ambassadors






Town End Junior School vision 

All pupils to leave primary school physically literate

with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary

to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle and

lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

We aim to do this by..

  • Increasing participation rates in sporting activities while at the same time contributing to child development by building on and learning more about our key values such as respect, co-operation and kindness for themselves and others.
  • Developing a broader range of sports and activities offered to pupils.
  • Improving partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners, including increasing confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.
  • Extending and developing further opportunities for inter class and across school sport competitions.
  • Targeting groups of pupils to help improve their physical development and kick start a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Driving school improvement through raising the profile of school sports values within whole school values.

Our pupils say..

  •  91% of our pupils (92% disadvantaged pupils), said they  were more active and took part in more sports activities this year. 2015-16 (Feb 2016 pupil questionnaire )
  • Of which 42% (59% disadvantaged) said they took part in school organised lunchtime or after school sports clubs.

In 2017-18   We aim to use the increased pupil funding allocated to us to ensure all pupils develop a positive attitude to developing a healthy sustainable lifestyle by

  • establishing more sports and health related enrichment clubs.
  • making stronger connections, building community links with local sports clubs.
  • strengthening the leadership skills of the Sports Crew, Sports Ambassadors and Media Crew to showcase school participation in community and cluster events organised through strong participation with the 5 Pits Partnership of Cluster Schools and affiliation with the Bolsover School Sports Partnership.
  • researching and purchasing new resources to develop sports and healthy lifestyles across all aspects of the curriculum.
  • facilitate more sporting opportunities, through learning new skills to play Golf, Table Tennis, Netball, also developing skills in Paralympic sports of Boccia and Wheelchair Basketball.

2017-18 Action plan (AFPE guidance)

2016-17     We used all the funding of £8929 (and a further £3970.00 from school budget) to promote physical literacy by..

  • achieving the Silver School Games PE Mark, with outstanding pupil involvement in the 2016'Rio Olympics'. 
  • pupils voice choosing to buy new equipment including table tennis tables and setting up a new enrichment club.
  • pupils participating in new activities including Squash, Tai-Chi, Boccia, and Handball.
  • up skilling the School Playleader to develop and empower the role of Sports Leaders, ensuring sustainability of School Sports Crew; 4 Gifted and talented Year 6 leaders became Play Makers. Y5 pupils were recruited and trained to be our next Sports Mini Leaders.
  • monitoring the impact and developing sporting opportunities through newly established breakfast club, which started in September 2016.
  • showcasing the work of the School Sports Crew including the completion of weekly school sporting blogs on the Sainsbury's school games website.

  • staff team teaching, working alongside a Sports specialist; while at the same time developing further good practice in Assessing PE and sports participation.
  • purchasing bike and scooter racks to encourage smart travel to school.

2016-17 Action plan and review (AFPE guidance)

2015-16   We used all £8684 to improve and promote healthy active lifestyles by...

  • extending British values and the legacy of 2012 Olympics through lessons and sports clubs.
  • extending our fresh air fitness programme using the new outdoor gym and circuit stations
  • reorganising resources onto the playground, audit provision and introduce more new sporting events
  • monitoring pupil participation involvement in enrichment activities and assess skills learning in lessons.
  • exploring the use of offsite sports and fitness opportunities to develop pupil’s confidence in a range of activities, including the development of walking to and from our Forest School areas.

      2015-16 Action plan and review (AFPE guidance)

2014-15   We used the funding to …

  • Purchase an outdoor, 7 piece gym
  • Zone the playground to include safe areas for different sports and leisure activities.
  • Increased the number of pupils achieving the expected 25m qualification in swimming by including swimming for Y3/Y4 pupils
  • Develop further the role of the playleader and mini leaders to provide more inter-class / inter-team lunchtime competitions and provision for all genders, by introducing new sporting activities.

2013-14  We used the funding to

  • Hire specialist qualified PE teachers and qualified lunchtime sports coaches for 38 weeks, providing effective training/planning for all staff to be implemented in 2014-15
  • Employ a play leader. This role has enhanced sports over the lunchtime break, pupils are targeted and encouraged to join in organised activities.
  • Buy quality assured material for PE and inclusive sport to supplement the existing provision in the school curriculum.

We strongly believe our children are more active; have participated in 2 hours of good and outstanding PE lessons; and have increased participation levels in a range of sporting opportunities throughout the day as a result of our spending in the last 3 years. Visitors comment on how happy, safe and active our pupils are at break times.