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Town End Junior School Pupil's View 2014-18

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 Equality (Nov 2016)

No matter what race, culture, religion anyone belongs to they are still part of our school.”

“We learn by visitors coming into school, assemblies, RE lessons celebrating religions and beliefs, and some pupils own family experiences.”

“Anti-bullying week teaches us to be thoughtful about others and how we are all the same but different.”

“We show respect to all staff, and we have a mixture of male and female staff. There is no stereotyping of children based on subjects for example male teachers teaching Maths and Science.”

“Achievements are for all genders in sports and clubs and all events; school encourages inclusion of all children not based on gender or ability but on participation and willingness to try.”

Pastoral support (July 2016)

“I have become a better person in and out of school by building friendships and confidence, especially about my transition to top school.”

“Working with the Learning Mentor has helped me make new friends, improve my attendance and helped me take pride in myself”.

“By coming to morning clubs I have been on time for school and I have been more ready to learn”.

“Extra help from all the staff has helped me achieve my results”.

“The new curriculum has challenged me to do my best”.


Independent learning and challenge (Sept 2016) 

Pupils said, marking helps you improve,, and we like verbal feedback. 2 stars and wish and target sheets help us improve, also steps to success. Boosts confidence when we get it right. Get rewards when achieved well or got it.

Independent Learning is about listening carefully, trying to do it on your own or ask peer partners.

Higher achieving pupils

All 10 Y6 Non Disadvantaged pupils felt they were appropriately challenged and could say how their work had been improved by teachers pushing them to achieve more, in both Writing and Maths, with 2/10 pupils saying they could challenge themselves more.

4/6 pupils supported by Pupil Premium thought they were being challenged to achieve their best and 2/6 said they had recently started to try more but could challenge themselves more.

All pupils, said they choose mainly Gold tasks in Maths but would choose Silver if it was new learning but move on to Gold within the lesson if they could. All said they were currently aiming to complete all Silver (Y6 EXS) on writing criteria, but knew they then had to challenge themselves for Gold (Y6 GDS).


British Values

Isaac in Y5 remembers," We had a street party to celebrate the Queens' 90th birthday. we played musical thrones, find the crown jewels and knocked down London Bridge. The queen makes the laws, we have to follow the rules so we don't go to jail."

Felicity (8yrs old) thinks, "Democracy .... in the olden days only men could vote for government. but now it is an open opportunity for all the public to vote. I have to be 18yrs old. We are democratic in school and vote for Class School Council, our Eco Warriors, some class votes and in assemblies.

Reuben agreed with Felicity and said, it is about honesty and if children cheat it is not fair and they get told off."  

Amy in Y5 thinks, "The government decide what is good for us - we have to vote for our government. only men used to vote but now woman can too. We are a free society, which is called democratic."

 Jasmine (Y5), we respect our school and ours and others property - for example treating the hoola hoops carefully. I wouldn't hurt other peoples' feelings because its not the right thing to do. I ask other kindly if I want them to be quiet. adults in school treat me nicely and I respect them because they listen to me when I ask for something."

In Year 4, Reuben says, " I can pick what I can be, so if your parents want you to be Christian , you can be, but when you grow up, you can be any religion you want." 

Ben (Y5) says, its about human rights. we have the right to do anything that is not against the law - we have the right to work and right to play, go to school and the right to choose what to do. Not everyone in the world can do this." 

Joel in Year 4 comments, "I show respect when I'm in school to teachers and children and to other adults as well by being kind and helpful; sharing ideas and listening."